Personal Opinions

A Monolithic Islam? Forget About It!

The 4 Major Factors That Fuel Religious Fundamentalism

United Sects of Islam: A Different Perspective on Unity & Sectarianism


Kassim Ahmad: The Hero We Don’t Deserve

Oh, Maulana Tariq Jameel…


The Fall And Rise of Adam: How It Speaks To Me!

A Fatwa on the Fatwa Declaring Online Chatting Haraam!

How The Narrative Of Isra & Miraaj Paints A Negative Picture Of God

Eid Milad Un-Nabi

3 Things You Should Avoid This Ramadan To Make It More Spiritually Meaningful


Does A Woman’s Clothing Really Play A Factor In Rape?

Mosques: They Are Not What They Should Be


To Sleep Or Not To Sleep – That Is The Question

Can You Change The World?

Be Altruistic!

Follow The Voice Within

Stages of Consciousness: My Journey As A Muslim


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