Uniting Under a Common Word

Those who were given the Scripture did not divide, until there had come to them the Clear Evidence. Quran, 98:4

But they were not ordained, except to 1) serve God, 2) being devoted to His System, 3) inclining to truth, and that they 4) establish connection (Salat), and 5) contribute towards purity/growth (Zakat). Such is the establishing religion. Quran, 98:5

Do you see any mention of the trivialities in the description of the establishing religion over which sects erupt, fueling hatred & violence? Instead of fighting over differences, Muslims should build upon the foundation of Islam as outlined above, and simply agree to disagree on secondary issues.

Unity is what makes us strong. Who cares whether you place your hands on your belly or on your chest, while praying?

We mustn’t be penny wise, pound foolish. It is extremely important to open our eyes to the bigger picture, folks.

For a detailed analysis, read: United Sects of Islam


What If Some Religious Figures Came Out With Islamic Handphones?

I just hope I don’t live to see the day where there are “Islamic” cell-phones (and other gadgets) in the market, with “Bismillahs” imprinted on them, and their models being inspired by “Islamic” names. Like a Nokia Ya-sin, or a Samsung Kausar.

We already have Islamic banking. Not this, for God’s sake! I might just commit suicide. – Me

On the Language of the Quran

“If one reads and interprets the Koran as a kind of information medium – as many contemporary Koranic researchers do – one does not do justice to it. The Koran is heavily poetic and contains a whole range of messages that it imparts at a semantic level – not at all explicitly, not at all unambiguously; it gets these messages across through poetic structures; if it didn’t, it wouldn’t be as vivid as it is. What makes the Koran unique is its complexity, its multiple layers, the fact that it speaks at different levels. On the one hand, of course, that is the huge aesthetic attraction. However, it is also, if you like, hugely attractive in rhetorical terms or in terms of its power of conviction.


While it might be possible to sum up the mere information in the Koran in a short newspaper article, the effect would not have been the same. It really is about enchantment through language. Language itself is also praised in the Koran as the highest gift that humankind received from God. Naturally, this is related to knowledge. Language is the medium of knowledge. This is why one should never on top of everything else accuse the Islamic culture of being averse to knowledge. The entire Koran is basically a paean to knowledge, the knowledge that is articulated through speech.” – Angelika Neuwirth

The Islamic Reformation Is Here!

“It took many years to cleanse Arabia of it’s “false idols.” It will take many more to cleanse Islam of it’s new false idols–bigotry and fanaticism– worshiped by those who have replaced Mohammad’s original vision of tolerance and unity with their own ideals of hatred and discord. But the cleansing is inevitable, and the tide of reform cannot be stopped. The Islamic Reformation is already here.

And we are all living in it.” – No God But God by Reza Aslan

Ibn Rushd

1) The biggest enemies of Islam are the ignorant who pronounce Fatwas of disbelief on others.

2) If you want to control ignorant people, then present falsehood from a religious outlook.

3) It seems very unlikely that God would endow us with a brain, and then reveal to us a religion that goes against it (Galileo said the same thing).

Attributed to Ibn Rushd (Averroes)