Uniting Under a Common Word

Those who were given the Scripture did not divide, until there had come to them the Clear Evidence. Quran, 98:4

But they were not ordained, except to 1) serve God, 2) being devoted to His System, 3) inclining to truth, and that they 4) establish connection (Salat), and 5) contribute towards purity/growth (Zakat). Such is the establishing religion. Quran, 98:5

Do you see any mention of the trivialities in the description of the establishing religion over which sects erupt, fueling hatred & violence? Instead of fighting over differences, Muslims should build upon the foundation of Islam as outlined above, and simply agree to disagree on secondary issues.

Unity is what makes us strong. Who cares whether you place your hands on your belly or on your chest, while praying?

We mustn’t be penny wise, pound foolish. It is extremely important to open our eyes to the bigger picture, folks.

For a detailed analysis, read: United Sects of Islam


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