Thank you, readers!

Hey, folks!  Hope you’re having a great day, as I am!

I woke up today to the sound of my alarm clock, and performed my morning ritual (pre-brushing!): Check my Facebook, Gmail, and WordPress. And oh boy, I was exuberant to find that my blog has hit 10,000 views in almost 3 months!


To be honest, I never expected so many people to read my blog. At best, I thought, I could use this blog to track the progression of my views, and maybe make someone question their beliefs. Some, in my dictionary, certainly does not equate to 10,000. 😛

These 3 months of blogging have been a hell of an experience! My blogs have been featured on some fairly popular websites, having received a great response. Knowing that I am playing my part in spreading a message of peace and re-claiming Islam from the dogmatic hands of some pompous leaders, I have a deep sense of contentment within myself. Not only that, I am glad to have communicated with so many wonderful people who support this blog, and seek to separate cultural Islam from Quranic Islam. I’ve received messages, comments, and emails of gratitude which continually encourage me to express myself and share my views.

So, I write this to convey my thanks to you. To let you know that I really appreciate your participation in this blog. And, I hope that we carry this alliance for the times to come!

Here’s to our achievement of reaching out to people!

In peace and love,

Ro Waseem


6 thoughts on “Thank you, readers!

  1. What a breath of fresh air, thank you. I for one am sick and tired of hearing my family go on about the evils of Arabs. I think Americans have fought so many wars in our own land and abroad, that it has made us paranoid. I’m 51, so I’ve seen the hate of Japanese, Mexicans, blacks, and now Arabs. Even though we are the least moral society on earth, the thought of Sahara law might prove unsettling. Do you think these groups really pose a threat or are we dealing with a vocal yet small group? Most of us in the US never leave our boarders, and somehow we assume that we are well informed.
    Best Regards,


  2. My young sister and I are isolated here in our Quran only belief yet we are among a large community of Muslim’s who embrace culture and neither accept or appreciate you if you are the tiniest bit different. Your views, blogs mean so much to us. I thank Allah first and next I thank you and may Allah swt grant you more support and understanding so you can continue to be an inspiration and beacon to us out here in no man’s land. Much love, peace and understanding.


    • Hey Aisha! Thank you for posting such a heartfelt comment and sharing your story with me. I understand that this path can be very lonely, so I am glad we find solace in each other. The internet really is a big blessing of God. Please feel free to email me regarding any queries, if you’d like. After all, we are but a family.

      May peace be with you, Aisha. 🙂


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