The Fall And Rise Of Adam: How It Speaks To Me!

Disclaimer: I feel that this post has the potential to be misinterpreted, so let me clarify my position beforehand. I am not suggesting that this perspective reflects the true account of what happened. And, for the conservatives, this is not a “modern re-interpretation.” This, simply, is one of the ways I personally resonate with Adam’s account mentioned in the Quran.

Adam is the very first figure we come across in the Quran (Ch2 V30). We are told of the origin of mankind, and how he was tempted by the “tree” of greed which lead to his downfall. This, I think, you are perfectly aware of.

Notwithstanding the original account, allow me to share my perspective.

I’ve always looked at the account of Adam in terms of our evolution from birth to attaining spiritual liberation – a pattern, I believe, any spiritual person can relate to. If we view it as such, and put ourselves in Adam’s place, we realize that everyone is born into Paradise – a state of bliss: A state, in which most of us, live in abundance and joy, enjoying the little pleasures of life.

“And We said: “O Adam, dwell thou and thy partner in this garden, and eat freely thereof, both of you, whatever you may wish; but do not approach this one tree, lest you become oppressors.” Quran, 2:35

However, as we grow older, Shaitan (I take it to be the negative aspects of society, in this case) tempts us towards the “tree” of greed, obscenities and oppression; which causes us to “fall” from our blissful state. This degradation makes us live a lowly existence, resulting in enmity with one another and division as a whole, all because of a lack of peace and contentment within ourselves.

“But Satan caused them both  to stumble therein and got them out of the happy state they were in. And so We said, Degraded you have become with wedges of discord among yourselves! There shall be for you habitation and livelihood on earth for a while.” Quran, 2:36

Unfortunately, most of us never transcend this stage. Running behind the daily chores of life, we ultimately fail to fulfill the purpose of life: evolving our souls. Not all are content with this condition, though. That’s when we seek some change in our lives, seeking what you would call a “paradigm shift.”

The spiritual quest begins. We explore different paths, and finally come across a path that speaks to us louder than others. Feeling ecstatic, we are consumed and are redeemed by the Beloved’s messages; regaining peace and contentment within ourselves while becoming one with God again.

“Thereupon Adam received words [of guidance] from his Sustainer, and He accepted his repentance: for, verily, He is the Acceptor of Repentance, the Dispenser of Grace.” Quran, 2:37


Thank God for God! 🙂


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10 thoughts on “The Fall And Rise Of Adam: How It Speaks To Me!

  1. I must say you have taken home a very beautiful message from these verses. Thanks for sharing with us. Quran so clearly differentiates between the sin of disobeying God out of arrogance and the mistake of a righteous man in a moment of weakness. The Rehman God teaches him how to seek forgiveness. Being Raheem accepts his prayers and guides him back on to the straight path. His kindness does not end there.

    “… verily there comes unto you from Me a guidance; and whoso follows My guidance, there shall no fear come upon them neither shall they grieve.” Quran, 2:38


    • Hey Riz! You know, I didn’t expect people to resonate with this deeply personal thought of mine. I thought people would think “I’m taking this too far” and the likes. But the response has been different. So thank you for sharing your sentiment, as it boosts me to be transparent.

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      • Wassalam. Have done that already.

        This is the beauty of Quran. Same verse can give us lessons on economics, sociology, natural laws, cause and effects and what not. As long as it does not present a contradiction with overall teachings of Quran. The same verse may open new doors of knowledge whenever I read it after some interval of time.

        I have read these verses many times. And yet your thoughts present a new way to look at it, I see no contradiction there with the fundamental teachings of Quran. In fact, it’s a beautiful way to self examine one’s own lifestyle.


  2. Hi Ro. Loved this post! I remember writing something very similar couple years back. It’s amazing to see how others can think just the same! Good luck with the other pieces =)


    • Hi K! Thank you so much! You’ve actually made me quite curious now. 😛
      I’d love to read it, if you don’t mind (and still have it with you!).

      Have a great day!
      Peace and blessings.


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