To Sleep, Or Not To Sleep – That Is The Question

The hardest thing about entering an unknown territory is taking the first step. I suppose, that explains why people find it more convenient to believe whatever the society teaches them. Researching and thinking for yourself is an arduous task, but it pays. And boy, does it pay well? It completely changes your perspective on things, and you no longer see things the way other people do.


This has it’s advantages and disadvantages, as do all things. The biggest advantage is that seeking truth liberates you. It is finding the key to your lock, and releasing yourself from the prison of blind following. Who likes slavery, anyways? But, the disadvantage is that due to your eccentric views, you are likely to be threatened and mocked by others. The majority will never like you for the person you have become. How can they? Difference of opinion is a threat to their well established norms! So, you will have to endure some alienation from the society. But then, you yourself would not want to be a part of such a society which is blissfully asleep.




The important thing is the realization that you are now awake. Awake from a dream which everyone else believes to be true. And when you see everyone else around you sleeping, you have an urge to wake them up. To show them how refreshing it is on the other side. You do not want a wage, or reward from them. You only want to benefit them.






But, what do they do? They think you’re crazy and ask you to go back to sleep. That if you don’t, you are surely captivated by the devil and have no right to live.This is exactly what happened with every futuristic person. The prophets, the revolutionaries, the activists – they are the fortunate people who happened to break away from the shackles, surpassing the illusionary life, but also the unfortunate people who were abused, threatened, and killed.


However, they at least lived a life of liberty, honor and courage. They contributed something to the world. Can we say that about ourselves? Probably not. We are too fixated on the next football game.

Who has time for all that?




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