Can You Change The World?

So, I was just talking to a friend of mine, and we were discussing Religion & Politics. His point, basically, was that the world has plunged too deep into evil, and that just by changing himself, he couldn’t bring about any noticeable change whatsoever. So, why bother? Just relax and “live your life”. And, of course, the much repeated statement: “It’s one of the signs of Qiyamat, anyways.”

I completely disagree with this notion. Yes, I may not be able to “change” the world, but what I can do is to firstly change myself (a big feat in itself!) and the world of somebody else, at the very least. It is my personal belief that an informed person creates many ripples around him, just by speaking up. Sometimes, words just stick in your mind (even if they do not change you at that very moment) and go on to be paradigm-shifters for you later in life.  They sow a seed in your mind, and if you give it enough thought, it grows and bears fruit. So, we need to restore some belief in our capabilities. We can make a change! Instead of repeating the problems, let’s come up with solutions.  But for that, we have to speak up. Silence only helps the oppressors.

If we were to avoid this defeatist line of thinking, and instead focus on educating ourselves about what’s really happening around, the world would have many more informed people. And, informed people are not gullible. Remember, we be many and they be few. It is these oppressors who feed off our ignorance! If we stop buying their ideas, the system would collapse. We deserve better, god damn it. Our technology has evolved so much, yet the leaders are the same — greedy, good for nothings. Why haven’t we have evolved in this aspect? Ignorance. Information control. Propaganda.They don’t want you to think for yourself. An educated and critical thinking population threaten their existence! Isn’t it high time that we wake up?

We proclaim to believe and adore the Prophets for their courageous stands against oppression, but why don’t we  follow in their footsteps? Their group was small, too! What if heroes like Martin Luther King, Jinnah, and Nelson Mandela just decided to “take it easy”? Take any revolution: It starts with ONE courageous idea, and a group of like-minded motivated people who have confidence in their abilities to shake things up. So, we need to raise our consciousness as human beings. One by one. That is the only way to progress. And for that, we need YOU to take interest.

Will you play your part?

As long as you don’t make waves, ripples, life seems easy. But that’s condemning yourself to impotence and death before you are dead. – Jeanne Moreau



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