Heaven & Hell of the Mind

right left brain garden

Your brain works like a fertile land. What you sow is exactly what you reap. If you don’t like a certain plant, all you need to do is pluck it out of its root and throw it away. Plant something beautiful instead!

You are the caretaker of this garden. Do not blame anyone else for what you have sown in it. Sow positive thoughts and actions: reap peace of mind. Sow negative thoughts and actions: reap anger, jealousy, insecurities etc.

A simple formula, really.

Do you not reflect how God cites an example of a Noble Ideology as a goodly tree, firmly rooted with it’s branches swinging high in the sky? Quran 14:24

It bears fruit in all seasons by the leave of it’s Sustainer. God sets forth examples to humans so that they may reflect. Q14:25

And the example of an evil ideology is that of a bad tree that gets easily uprooted from the surface of the earth, and it has no stability. (Neither firmly rooted, nor reaching any heights) Q14:26



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