Read The Quran With An Open Mind.

When reading the Qur’an, I think we do a great injustice to our understanding by viewing it with the lens of our preconceived ideas/notions. For example, kafaroo = rejectors, so this must be speaking of those people who are not Muslim. How can you be so sure that you don’t fit into it? Just because you were born into a ‘Muslim’ family does not make you a Muslim. Your actions decide that. And it’s not a label that you can carry. It’s a lifetime struggle to TRY and become a Muslim. How dare you call yourself a Muslim when your actions are different to what our Creator wants from us? Do you even know what He wants from us?

Forget all that you’ve been taught and read the Book with an open mind. And then judge yourself and other people according to the teachings of it.



4 thoughts on “Read The Quran With An Open Mind.

  1. Interesting viewpoints. I like it, really. Not because it’s different, it’s just that I’m having thoughts. People around me kept saying that to under the Quran and to learn it properly, I have to learn with scholars or teachers because studying the Quran alone equals to studying with satan/devils/iblis/shaytaan. However, just reciting alone is fine. Funny. Cause isn’t it easier to manipulate when one doesn’t know the meaning or understand?


    • They say that so that people remain ignorant of the Quran, so that the clergyclass could impose complete control over the masses. If people started educating themself, these mullahs would go out of business. There is no priesthood in Islam. Every person is encouraged to read the Quran for one’s self, as we all are accountable for our beliefs and actions. We can’t blame anyone else, on the final day.

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